Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon, nothing can help you with your decision more than seeing the results that they have achieved in the past. Dr. Joseph Berardi has years of hands-on experience and surgical training, and has helped countless facial plastic surgery, body contouring, tummy tuck and breast augmentation patients attain their aesthetic goals. He encourages you to browse through the before and after photos of previous Scottsdale cosmetic surgery patients to get an idea of the kinds of results you can expect under his expert care.

PlasticSurgeon_Badges_breastaug   PlasticSurgeon_Badges_BreastAugWLift

PlasticSurgeon_Badges_breastimplant   PlasticSurgeon_Badges_BreastRecon

PlasticSurgeon_Badges_BreastLift   PlasticSurgeon_Badges_malebrest

PlasticSurgeon_Badges_lipo   PlasticSurgeon_Badges_TummyTuck_2

PlasticSurgeon_Badges_BrowLift_2   PlasticSurgeon_Badges_EyeLidSurg_2

PlasticSurgeon_Badges_facelift   PlasticSurgeon_Badges_rhino