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Teresa is our RN Injector/Aesthetician here at Dr. Berardi's office. She has been injecting facial fillers and Botox since 1999, having trained in Seattle, Beverly Hills and Arizona. She is also a certified operating room nurse and available to answer any questions you may have about procedures offered at Dr. Berardi's office. Her favorite part about working here (besides the WONDERFUL staff) is that we have the latest technology in facial and body rejuvenation such as EVOLVE and OPTIMAS.

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Angela is one of our fabulous Patient Care Coordinators! She is originally from California and has spent the last two years working with Dr. Berardi. Angela adores creating special bonds with patients — it is the highlight of her job! Some fun facts about Angela are that she loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers and snowboarding is one of her favorite hobbies.

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Jacqui is one of our magnificent Patient Care Coordinators. Originally from Connecticut, Jacqui has spent the past two years on Dr. Berardi's team in sunny Arizona. Creating bonds with patients is Jacqui's favorite part of the job. Some fun facts about Jacqui are that she recently got engaged, she is involved in musical theatre, and she has a makeup line and a wreath company!

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Stacey is our Chief Operating Officer! Stacey is originally from South Dakota and now works for Dr. Berardi in Arizona! Her favorite part about the job is the staff who she considers to be family and being able to see the remarkable results our patients have. A fun fact about Stacey is that she lives in a house full of girls -- 2 daughters (one who just got married) and a dog named Sophia. She also loves to golf and is very thankful to live in a state that offers so much of the sport!

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Kaylee is our incredible Office Coordinator! She is originally from Monterey, California and relocated to Scottsdale to finish her degree at ASU and to join Dr. Berardi and his team. Some fun facts about Kaylee are that she actually worked in equine veterinary medicine before joining Dr. Berardi's team. Kaylee also enjoys playing golf, and hiking with her dog Stoney. Her favorite part of her job is working alongside such a prestigious plastic surgeon such as Dr. Berardi.

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Melody is our extremely talented nurse! Melody was raised in Arizona and loves the year-long warm weather. She has been working with Dr. Berardi for 6 years. Her favorite part about working here is seeing people's lives transform and being able to help people be the best they can be. Melody got her start in plastics when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she is passionate about helping other women with their journeys through cancer or reconstruction Some fun facts about Melody are that she rides a Harley and she just adopted a new dog named Cali! She also has three kids: Kaylee, Brian and Jake!

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Catie is our Marketing Coordinator! Catie is from North Carolina and moved here in August to join our team. She graduated from NC State University in 2019. Catie’s favorite part about the job is creating relationships with patients and getting to work with social media. A fun fact about Catie is that she has 3 cats: Shadow, Corn Muffin and Bond.

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