When it comes to achieving a slender figure, most people find that the abdominal area is the most stubborn to conform. Changes to the body such as weight fluctuations, the effects of aging and pregnancy can lead to unwanted, excess weight and loose skin around the tummy, leaving individuals feeling less than satisfied with their physique. Even those who follow the strictest diet and exercise routines can find it difficult to shed those extra pounds and achieve a flattering waistline. For many of those people an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is the answer. Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Berardi is proud to offer this treatment to his patients who wish to enhance their appearance. Read below to learn more about tummy tuck cost and procedure in Scottsdale.

The Abdominoplasty Procedure

Tummy tuck surgery is a comprehensive procedure which removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area, as well as tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. This drastically enhances the waistline and can help you feel more comfortable and confident on a daily basis. Based on your specific needs, Dr. Berardi may perform a mini tummy tuck or a traditional one. A mini tummy tuck is ideal if you are concerned about fat deposits below the navel. If you are concerned about fat and excess skin throughout the entire abdomen, a full tummy tuck is more appropriate.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the procedure begins with a horizontal incision across the length of your abdomen, just above the pubic area. Dr. Berardi carefully places the incisions so that any resulting scars do not affect your appearance in clothing. Through this incision, Dr. Berardi tightens the abdominal muscles and trims away excess skin and fat. As part of a full tummy tuck, he may also need to reposition the belly button so that it is still centrally located after surgery. During treatment, he may also utilize liposuction techniques for comprehensive treatment. Once Dr. Berardi has made sufficient changes during the procedure, the area is closed with sutures, helping minimize any tummy tuck side effects.

Tummy Tuck Side Effects and Recovery

Abdominoplasty is an in-depth procedure which requires substantial recovery time, although no two recovery periods are exactly alike. You should expect to experience mild pain or discomfort, which can be alleviated with medication prescribed by Dr. Berardi. It is important that you rest in the days following your Tummy Tuck surgery, and avoid any heavy lifting or vigorous activity for at least six weeks after surgery. You will also be asked to wear a compression garment in the weeks after surgery. Most tummy tuck patients are able to return to work in about two weeks. Dr. Berardi will provide you with thorough post-operative instructions to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. He and his staff are also available around the clock to address any questions or concerns that may arise. After they have fully healed, many Scottsdale tummy tuck patients find that they feel more confident and have a wider selection of clothing options.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

You may be an ideal tummy tuck candidate if you are in good general health and are at or close to your ideal weight. If you plan on losing a significant amount of weight, it is better to hold off on seeking treatment, as any weight fluctuations can hinder the results of surgery. You should also wait to undergo treatment until after you are done having kids, as pregnancy can also affect the results of surgery. During a comprehensive Tummy Tuck consultation, Scottsdale abdominoplasty surgeon Dr. Berardi will evaluate your cosmetic goals and your candidacy for the procedure. It is important that you have realistic goals regarding the outcome of tummy tuck surgery. For example, although the procedure can tighten loose skin and remove unwanted fat, it cannot completely remove stretch marks. Those above the umbilicus typically remain.

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A tummy tuck is one of the most popular procedures performed at Berardi Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Using advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Berardi can help you attain the attractive physique you have always wanted. If excess skin or fat in your abdominal area is causing you to feel unhappy about your appearance, we encourage you to contact our practice today at  480.397.0711 to schedule a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Berardi will answer all of your questions regarding tummy tuck surgery, and can also discuss other aesthetic treatments he offers including arm lift, butt lift, and breast augmentation. He may also discuss his facial plastic surgery treatments such as Scottsdale rhinoplasty, and facelift.

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