Wrinkles and fine lines are an inevitable result of aging. Even people who take meticulous care to avoid skin damage are bound to experience changes to their facial features. Lines around the mouth, nose and the eyes can reveal a person’s age, or even cause them to look older than they really are. Not all individuals who are unhappy with signs of aging are quite ready to undergo a surgical procedure. With minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, such as Botox, Scottsdale cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Berardi can help patients maintain a youthful look without ever stepping foot in an operating room. If you are interested in subtle, yet visible, enhancement of your facial features, read through the paragraphs below to learn how Botox near Scottsdale can help.

The Botox Procedure

Botox is an injectable that is used to relax fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. Botox works by interacting with neuromuscular junctions in the face to decrease the occurrence of muscle contractions. The more the muscles of the face contract, the more likely it is that wrinkles will form. By preventing this action, Botox can reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and fine lines, and also curb the development of new ones.

During your Botox appointment, Dr. Berardi may administer ice or a numbing cream on the area that will be treated. He will then inject the Botox into pre-determined locations where signs of aging are visible. The most common locations for Botox injections include near the outer corners of the eyes, between the brows and on the forehead. You may experience minimal discomfort, but most patients find the procedure to be completely painless. Botox treatment typically lasts about thirty minutes, although it can take even less time in some cases. Botox will start working with 72 hours and will take full effect in two weeks.

Botox Recovery

The beauty of Botox treatment is that is requires virtually no recovery or downtime. While you may experience minor redness, swelling, discomfort or a headache after treatment, you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately. You may resume exercise the next day. This makes it a convenient procedure for individuals who are on the go. In fact, Botox and other injectable treatments such as Juvederm have been referred to as “lunchtime facelifts.” Should you have questions concerning your Botox experience, you can contact Dr. Berardi around the clock to address any of your concerns.

Botox Candidates

Botox is typically administered to patients who are exhibiting signs of aging on the face. Botox is a minimally invasive procedure that is meant to address mild to moderate wrinkles. More severe wrinkles, sagging skin or facial folds may require a more extensive procedure such as brow lift or facelift in Scottsdale. During a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Berardi will evaluate your skin and overall health to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Botox.

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Botox injections are an ideal treatment for patients who are seeking cosmetic enhancement, but are not quite ready or do not yet need a surgical procedure completed. If fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to take a toll on your appearance, we encourage you to contact our practice at 480.397.0711 to learn more about what Botox can do for you. During your consultation, Dr. Berardi can also discuss the other facial treatments that he offers, including Scottsdale nose surgery, eyelid surgery or fat injections.

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