Grooming can be a tedious task for many, especially individuals who have a large amount of dark hair throughout the body. While waxing and shaving can remove hair, this is only a temporary solution, lasting 10 days at best. For those who are tired of that routine, laser hair removal is an attractive option. In just a few treatment sessions, hair can be permanently removed or significantly reduced, improving the convenience of everyday life. Dr. Berardi performs laser hair removal in Scottsdale to help patients look and feel their best, around the clock. If unwanted hair is causing you to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, read below to learn more about laser hair removal cost and what it can do for you.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure which uses laser technology to remove hair follicles, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing the presence of thick, coarse hair. Laser hair removal is a welcomed alternative to other hair removal methods such as tweezing, shaving and waxing, which produce only temporary results. This versatile treatment can be used on almost all parts of the body, including the arms, legs, back, face and bikini line.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed with the use of a local anesthetic or numbing cream. Your treatment time will vary based on the thickness of your hair as well as the size of the area being treated. Typically, treatment lasts about one hour. The laser will be run across the body, targeting the hair follicles while avoiding damage to the skin. It is important to note that laser hair removal will only affect the hair follicles that are currently in the growth stage. Therefore, as other follicles enter the active stage, additional treatments are needed. Most patients who undergo Scottsdale laser hair removal treatments may experience mild discomfort; some also report a “pinching” feeling.

Laser Hair Removal Candidates

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment. Most patients who wish to remove unwanted hair are able to undergo the procedure. If you suffer from skin disorders such as keloids, psoriasis or chronic acne, however, laser hair removal is not recommended. The patients who see the fastest and best results from laser hair removal are those who have light skin and dark hair, as the laser can more easily identify and target the hair follicles. During an initial consultation, Dr. Berardi will examine your skin and overall health, and identify your cosmetic goals to determine if Scottsdale laser hair removal is right for you.

Recovery from Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a non-invasive procedure which requires no post-treatment downtime. You may experience some redness on the area that was treated; however, this will subside within 24 hours. You should avoid sun exposure for at least one day after treatment so as not to irritate the skin. Dr. Berardi will provide complete post-treatment instructions to ensure that optimal results are achieved. He is available to address any questions or concerns that may arise after treatment. He will also see you for a follow-up appointment a few weeks after laser hair removal to monitor progress and determine if another treatment session is necessary.

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Traditional hair removal techniques can be tedious and painful, and often do not produce long-lasting results. With laser hair removal treatments, you can save yourself time and frustration by permanently reducing or eliminating hair on various parts of your body. If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary laser treatment, contact our practice today at 480.397.0711 to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Berardi.

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